It’s 2017 and the Italian school system is tackling a serious  crisis.

Ten years ago children were still being described as ‘’lazy’, ‘’hyperactive’’ or even ‘’stupid’’, the majority of these students were continuously  ignored and forgotten by the school system.

As of today, thanks to the progress of scientific research, these children are usually put into the following categories: learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The Italian education  system is not  prepared to face these new challenges. There is too much pressure being put on repetition as a learning technique and too much focus on the adult as an authority figure, leaving little room for creativity and emotional development of the child.

The forgotten boy is a story based on Benny Fera’s childhood experiences. The author,  who was considered a hyperactive and lazy child was diagnosed as dyslexic in his adulthood.


The forgotten boy  is a true story of a child that went through many hardships at school.

He loved playing outdoors with his animal friends and staying locked up in a classroom was pure torture for him.

Poor grades, punishment and being grounded made his life a constant pain.

His torment lasted until adulthood when he was finally diagnosed with dyslexia.

From that moment on, his life changed once and for all, he followed a direct path to happiness thanks to his determination to transform his life.

Today Benny is a psychologist working and helping children with problems at school.

The forgotten boy  can teach us that pain could become a great source and starting point to create a new and bright future.

‘The forgotten boy’ by Benny Fera

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